Atlanta Airport: Short Lines During Record Breaking Travel Season

A record 3.7 million travelers are expected to be flying this year according to AAA auto club, which marks the busiest airline travel season since 2007.

While the day before thanksgiving is traditionally one the busiest travel days of the year, Reese McCraine, spokesman for Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, is not expecting long lines at security checkpoints.

“Most of the traffic through this airport will be connecting so when passengers come to the airport they can expect pretty reasonable wait times for lines below 20 minutes,” said McCraine.

Lines will also be shorter due to passengers beginning to travel earlier in the season. “This thanksgiving we’re seeing that people started traveling earlier,” McCraine says, “we started to a see an influx in passengers beginning on Friday the 18th and people are extending their thanksgiving traffic until Sunday or Monday the 28th

The key to a stress-free trip, according to McCraine, is arriving early. “I’d say give yourself at least 2 hours to get the airport. That’s enough time to park your car, take MARTA, get through security check point, make your way to the concourse and the gate.”

For Atlanta, the rush comes after the thanksgiving feast, “the busiest day for the thanksgiving travel will actually be on Sunday where we will have about 80,000 people coming through the security checkpoints.” by then the airport will be getting into the full swing of holiday decorating. “You’ll see a few Christmas trees here and there and some lights already up, people will be in the festive spirit we hope.”


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